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The Glassroth Company specializes in branding and marketing strategies, public relations, reputation management, and the communications strategies supporting those efforts. We are dedicated to devising the proper market identity for our clients, then managing, advancing and protecting their public profiles, particularly during times of stress when those painstakingly-built images may be in jeopardy.

A strong reputation isn't easy to build, but it is a priceless marketplace asset. Public Relations communicates what an organization does. Reputation Management communicates what an organization is and the Brand assures consistent delivery of its marketing promise.

The Glassroth Company serves established private and publicly-held companies and not-for-profit enterprises, as well as emerging organizations across a broad range of industries.

how to work with the media in a crisis?
Crisis Management: Working with the Media

1. Establish yourself as a credible information source from the first day
2. Provide one face to the media as gatekeeper and primary spokesperson
3. Provide frequent updates and avoid long gaps between contacts

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