The Glassroth Company
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The Glassroth Company creates recognition, credibility and trust for our clients.

The Glassroth Company specializes in reputation management and the communications strategies supporting that effort. We are dedicated to devising, managing, advancing and protecting the reputations of our clients. That is particularly true during times of stress when their painstakingly-built public profiles are in jeopardy.

A strong reputation isn't easy to build, but it is a priceless marketplace asset. Public Relations communicates what an organization does. Reputation Management communicates what an organization is.

The Glassroth Company serves established private and publicly-held companies, associations and not-for-profit enterprises, as well as emerging organizations across a broad range of industries. The firm provides senior-level communications expertise developing distinctive marketplace brands and positioning clients with stakeholders; identifying threats and when necessary preparing organizations to deal with and survive negative public exposure.

The Glassroth Company creates recognition, credibility and trust for our clients. We do that by developing communications initiatives that are aligned with an enterprise's character and business objectives, and we deliver them in ways that resonate positively with customers, investors, employees, partners, the media, influencers and the general public. It’s easier to do that in good times, when a client’s only pressure is self-imposed: to grow the business. But, during times of stress, when the business and its leadership are under a public microscope, with an organization’s success hinging on public perception and executive credibility, the right kind of communications and reputation management expertise can make the difference between success and failure or, in extreme situations, even the enterprise’s continued existence.

The Glassroth Company designs customized programs in reputation management, employee communications, media and audience relations, specialized communications such as litigation support, crisis communications, and branding/positioning strategies.

The skills, experience and expertise of The Glassroth Company provide clients with the proper market identity critical to retaining their carefully crafted public profiles when reputations are under attack.